Gardone Riviera

Gardone Riviera is one of the smartest lakeside resorts; its mild climate and lush Mediterranean vegetation enable pleasant walks through its parks, villas and cobbled streets.  It offers exceptionally beautiful views of the lake and the Isola del Garda. Its waterside promenade provides a rich variety of bars and restaurants.

Gardone’s sights include:
- the Botanical Garden, run by the André Heller’s Foundation. This stunning garden was created in 1900 by Dr Arturo Hruskat. The garden boasts a collection of flora from all over the world together with  contemporary works of art by artists including Keith Haring and Mimmo Paladino.
- The Vittoriale degli Italiani, is a monumental citadel created in the 1930s by Gabriele d'Annunzio to host and display the remarkable artfefacts he collected throughout his life as a soldier and poet.  In summer theatrical  and music events are performed  in the outdoor amphitheatre
- The Museum of the Divine Child, offers a collection of over 200 sculptures from the last three centuries.

Some historical notes

The golden age of Gardone Riviera starts at the end of 1800s when some enlightened German doctors noticed the particularly mild climate and beauty of the place and, after settling locally,  attracted new friends and patients to stay at the hotels and nursing homes and hotels that soon flourished on the Riviera.

From a small village of farmers and fishermen, Gardone turned into a cosmopolitan  tourist  resort with its enchanting promenade, the villas and the grand  hotels.  The concept of a romantic and natural garden became popular and large botanical species, such as deodar cedars, magnolias, camphor trees, and palms were introduced.  These plants still grow alongside the local Mediterranean vegetation of cypresses, olive trees and oleanders which distinguish  this unique landscape.


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